know i do for her but like before mm is in and out back and forth from home to home i would like for her to stay here with her husband and i who tends to her doctors and every thing else . she cannot see on her right eye well she has diabetes , she wants to go , she gets sad or does not speak then the next day she is fine i would like for her to stay cause she is never in one place . how can i have guardian ship where i can tell others to leave her alone when they want to ask her and take her money i told her the other day my brother said she is not to go away she replied he cant tell me what to do, so someone needs to have guardianship for her , i want to have where i can tell any one no you cant have her money .she does not get much on her ss, the little money she gets every one comes around that time to see how much mom will give them ,mom always says iam getting so and so to take me to take care of her grand kids which she cant and her granddaughter will not care for her own kids own kids that is why mom is never happy . another words she is not able to take care of babies three of them my neice does not watch over her kids mom thinks she can take care of them , when she is over at neice she is alone with kids and falls down and has no bed to sleep on and always had a cold and sick so they bring her to me and she gets well and then neice takes her to baby sit and pay for her bills and my mom is very sick at the neices house neice does not have a car . so i want my mom here she is doing much better and she is gainning weight which she did not get fed well where she was so please help me what to do

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You are so good to want to help your mom under these difficult conditions. I would suggest you call your social services people and see if they can find a way for you to get guardianship or something legal to keep your mom's money safe and keep her with you. You can't do this all alone. Her safety is an issue, too.

There are guardianship businesses in the phone book, but you need to be careful about who you get to make sure you understand the costs. That's why I would suggest getting social services involved for the family - so everyone gets care.

Please try to take care of yourself, too.

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