And also by phone to my sister? She calls constantly with questions and is rude to them. She calls to see if I have been to see Mom, (I go four days a week). The staff does not like her and she never comes in person to visit. I just do not know if she would have legal recourse if I tell the nursing home no information released by phone to anyone. If they are there in person tell them all you want, Mom might get more visitors that way LOL

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Yesterday was amusing, we had a care conference for Mom, Sister took place via phone..imagine that....and she proceeded to tell the nursing home staff how to deal with alzheimer's, she knows because she cleans house for a lady with alzheimer's (the same lady she got to buy her a house). We mentioned her diet and she proceeded to tell them to remember that carbs are bad (Mom is a type 2 diabetic) and we talked about taking her off the extra vitamin C and just doing the multi-vitamin since her surgical wounds are healed. She questioned this too, because "Vitamin C supports the immune system you know, I would like to know how much C she is getting in the multi-vitamin before we take her off the extra." OMG And started questioning them about Mom's pajamas, she sent Mom pajamas, is she wearing them??? Mom always wears pajamas, how is the staff supposed to know what pair she sent? LOL
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That is a question for the lawyer guiding you through the guardianship process. I think you can, but you will be putting the nursing home in between a rock and a hard place. Your directives can't stop sis from calling and demanding info, and since she has gotten it before her demands may be all the more strident and some may want to tell her anyway just to shut her up. Good luck with the guardianship.
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