My neighbor has chest pain and heart problems, but shes a very active person shes almost 80 but shes still alert she cooks washes and does her daily routines , she can still walk but her stayin in the hospital now they sayin she has dementia which i think is false , i be at her house everyday everyday 2 hours I go check on her andwe always talk for hours , she remembers things she did when she was young things that I dont even remember myself, she wants to come home but they are saying they are placing her in a home , I want to become her guardianship how can i make that happen? , I dont have a job myself im a stay at home mother, we live in a small unit apartment we are like family she will never be left alone , I want to take legally responsibility for her can someone help me please ?

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Nelly, you wrote that you both have small apartments; you're a stay at home mother. How many children do you have and how old are they? That might be a factor in any attempt to get guardianship, as well as another important factor of her resources and whether or not she has any with which to pay a guardian.
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First, about the dementia: If she has had medical evaluations that indicate that she has dementia, she most likely does. Often long term memory is OK for many years, while short term memory is a problem. My husband could recall detailed memories of his grade school experiences but he couldn't remember what he had for lunch.

And loss of memory is only one aspect of dementia. People can lose their ability to make good decisions, to understand money, to feel the urge to go to the bathroom, and have many, many other symptoms. Dementia gets worse with time. Always. There is no cure, but there are are treatments for some of the symptoms.

It is so very kind of you to want to take care of your friend. If I had no family and I developed dementia I would sure want someone like you on my side! Is the care center she is going to close enough so that you can continue to visit her daily? That would be ideal. Maybe you can bring some pictures and other things from her apartment and help her room feel more like home.

Becoming a guardian is a legal process, and the first thing you would need is an attorney. The attorney can explain how that works and what the costs will be and give you some idea of whether you are likely to be appointed by a court.

If she is still competent (in the legal sense) to be able to name a Power of Attorney, perhaps that would be a better role for you.

Make friends with the staff at her care center. Make sure they know you are her best friend and that she has no family. Explain you will be visiting often. You can continue your relationship with her in her new home.
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Obtaining guardianship is a huge legal and financial responsibility. What resources does this woman have to pay for her care? Will she be able to fund the hiring of in home caregivers for the long haul? Do YOU have any experience caring for a person with dementia?

What might be better is for you to act as a loving and concerned advicate for her. Visit often, make sure she's getting the care she needs. Does she have family? Has she appointed someone her power of attorney and Medical power of attorney?
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