My parents are both in there 70's and my mother went through a full knee replacement in July and then had 2 more surgeries on her knee and it still isn't right. And on the 20th of this month she will be going to another hospital and another doctor will be going in and replacing what the 1st doctor did. And then my father may have to have prostate surgery so was wondering how we can get help in paying the bills while they recover. Please help me.

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The Sullivan County, NH, Department of Human Services is responsible for recipients in nursing homes and services for the elderly or chronically ill residing in their own home or at mid-level care The counties are responsible for long-term care programs, Nursing Home Care (INC) and Home and Community Based Care (HCBC). The county pays 100% liability for the non-federal share of these two programs.

INC funds nursing home care for Medicaid-eligible recipients in private nursing homes as well as county nursing homes.

The elderly are encouraged to remain in their homes or in a setting less intense than a nursing home. Medicaid eligible elderly can opt to have services in their own homes through the HCBC program.
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