My FIL was diagnosed with PD in Feb but has been struggling with pain and insomnia for about two years. As things are getting worse- he cant work, drive or play golf right now- he is getting very depressed. I made an appointment for a counselor and told him I would do all the ground work and drive if he would go. He seems very reluctant but hasn't flat out said no. Just is worried, scared, and has trouble making the decision (as he is about everything at this point, understandably). He just keeps telling me that he doesn't think it will help. Anyone been here? Have advice on how I can gently help him here with out being too pushy. He is still living independently with his wife, and I just try to spend extra time visiting with them when I can.

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Probably the one point which was hammered into us in BSW & MSW program was, unless someone thinks they can be helped with therapy, they are not going to be good candidates for therapy. Until your father-in-law takes action to go to therapy, it will not happen not matter how much YOU want it. You doing all the legwork does not empower him to make a decision. My professional opinion is to back off and when he is ready, and IF he is ready, he will make the effort to go. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink no matter how good your intentions are. I would write a letter to his doctor saying you are concerned, and let the doctor consult with him. Best wishes!
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Maybe secretly mention to his Dr. if he could hint to him about it. Self educating yourself and his wife on how to cope with it as well will help. Timing of medication is just as important as the dose itself. Exercise is also an important part to keep him active, so changes of scenery would be nice. You could maybe get him into some physical therapy that specializes in this area. Keeping him active as possible may help with his depression. Blessings to you all.
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