My mother eats oatmeal and nothing else, how can I get her to eat more variety if her diet?

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The phrase I keep in mind is "WHATEVER WORKS!" Oatmeal is a good thing it is healthy at least. Try making it with ensure instead of milk or water and try to add anything else for nutrition you can think of. If thats all she's eating you can use memory loss as an advantage. Try feeding her what she will eat just more often, she may forget she ate already... like its the first time. I know someone who is feeding her Mom a mix of ensure and ice cream she mixes the two and freezes it together and believe it or not its keeping her Mom alive much longer than anyone thought. Cinnomon is good for you too. Vanilla Almond milk is a good source of nutrition as well. If you have any children around, I hear that the response to kids sometimes works in this situation, they will do things for children without a fight. Music is also a great mood altering benefit its a good distraction. Tunes that are locked into memory. Good Luck and I really hope these suggestions will be helpful.
I've cooked my mom's oatmeal in ensure or poured ensure on it like milk. It sneaks vitamins into her diet. I've also given it to her with her meds and told her it was chocolate milk.

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