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may be you should try to get the therapist to come to the home to see your mom. i can relate to this my mom seemes to be fearful to go out of the house the only time she went out was to go the Dr's i eneded up having my mom move in with me a year ago i just recently lost her from late stages of demenstia. tow social workers came tomy home for her. Ihad taken mymom out of a bad situation she was living with my nephew who neglected her .....
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my mom is wonderful she is very depressed. I live in Florida she is in Baltimore md but, I come home offten to get her out of the house and she gos. She lives with my older sister but,
I'm the only one that can get her out of the house. She refuses
to see the therpist but she will go to her denist primary doc.
but, not to the therpist. What should I do my family is in Florida
and I can't just pack up and move. What should I do?
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if u r the only one taking care of her?- no wonder its wearing u out. Not knowing details about her condition, i can only tell
u what i am doing with my 87yr old mom-with aphasia,dementia,diabetes, over medicated-symptoms and more=
we dont go out--not unless she has a doctors appts.
she is so weak, and always afraid of falling-her main exercise
is pacing around her apartment,down the hall ,back and forth,.
since it is freezing out-and snowing at the moment- my mom is better not going out.
can u get a neighbor to stay with her when u do have to go out?
is she strong enough to walk around? does she use a walker?
dont forget,u have to make sure u take care of u too-which isnt an easy task
at times like this.
i send u a huge hug!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep posting- this is a wonderful place to connect to- !!!
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...wish I knew the answer to that one. I am going through the same thing myself! A little bit different with me because my mom will do everything with me, she just won't do anything without me. It's so exhausting.

Is she willing to do things with you or is it that she will not leave the house without you?
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You haven't listed why your mother won't leave the house. What is her age? Condition? Does she have a fear of leaving the house?

Perhaps if she has some 'elder friends' that could invite her to lunch, or something of the sort that would help!

If not take small steps. Ask her to help you unload the car, or 'load' the car, then go for a drive, or go out to lunch (a drive-thru).

See if a local 'adult daycare center' can have a 'friend' visit to invite her to their location to do a 'demonstration of .....something she likes. They have such inventive ways of getting elders involved. ASK for their help!

God Bless.
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