We just moved and Mom's new apt bathroom has a tight configuration. It also has a "bath fitter" shell that makes bath tub a little taller.
We have a shower bench and handles for her, but she cannot get her leg over the side of the tub. She almost has to lay back on her shower bench and swivel over the side of the tub.
Anyone have a better way of doing this? (we cannot make alterations to the exisiting bathroom.)

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Thanks Leslie and Ed.
She does have a long bench and can "scoot" well, but when it comes to lifting her leg over the tub, it is just too high. (She is under 5 ft. tall.) and she has to lean way back to get enough "lift."
Ed, I will talk to the managers again. Her last apt. manager told us that we could modify her apt. in any way we needed (bless 'em.) But we just moved here and the rules seem to be a little different at this complex. Although they did replace the old (and dangerous), open flame gas range that was in her kitchen. I was also considering having one of those doors intalled that they cut into the tub. It is sealed so no water gets out. Have you seen one of these?...just wondering if they really work.
Mom is on fixed income, so I'm also wondering if the state (or Medicare) has a program for home modifications.
After all this time it still surprises me how doing the simplest things get so hard as we get older.
Thanks for your input....
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Talk to the landlord to see if you can put in a walk-in bathtub that you'll leave behind if the apartment is vacated. S/he will probably go for it because it increases the value of the property.

They're not cheap, but the safety and comfort of your Mom are paramount. It's a win for the landlord, a win for your Mom, and a pinch in your pocket. But at least you'll have some peace of mind ... for a change.

Hit me back. I want to know what you work out.
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You just want her on the shower bench right?
I don't know how high up oen of those bathfitters are but after my dads stroke he can't see so good. He was scared to get in the tub and I wond up getting two benches. One for in the tub and one for out the tub. He sits on the oen outside the tub and scoots his hiney over to the edge of that seat until he is ready to put his foot in the tub. Then he pops his hiney over to the other bench holds on the grab bar on the other sied and scoots onto it. Then he get his other leg over in the tub.
I took the rug out the bathroom so the bench on the out won't slip.
I know theres a gap where the tub top is but it isn't real scary for him and it is alot much easier on my back. My mama does this too now.
I don't know if this will work for a bathditter or for how strong your mama is.
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