Taking Dad and Mom to medical appointments after we took their car, until death, was 100% my job. Missed work & miles & parking = deductible? I have an older sister who is executrix. I have a younger bro who is three states away. Sister literally REFUSED to be involved in medical care for either parent. Dad went at least monthly to the VA for four years. Mom went monthly to pulmonary specialists, and Ortho for hip replacement. Records are all complete and their Nursing Home charts contain details of every appt, purpose, and Plan of Action. The month before Mom passed away, on Nov. 23, 2013, I was injured badly in a fall on a Saturday, cannot walk, weight-bear, or drive since injured, have no income, have no insurance, have applied for short-term disability - no reply yet, and my sister the executrix states that she is done and has nothing to do with the estate now, that I should contact the elder care attorney. I sent him a brief note asking about any benefits if a person assisted the elder parents with their medical care, a week ago. No response yet. Also, in the will, it states that I am to receive the "automobile" from the estate. Well, sister told me to sell it right after Dad had an accident in it, which I did with no trouble. It was a new Lincoln AWD beauty and she said they needed the money ASAP for nursing home payments at the time. that was about four years ago and I got $22K for the car. I never saw the wills until last week, again, the attorney doesn't seem to be answering me, when I ask, "don't I get the dollar value of selling the 'automobile', as stated in the wills that I am bequeathed the 'automobile'? Thank You.

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I agree that no car means no money.. it was sold and you are in a bad place. Sister sounds like a real piece of work for setting you up... Sorry for your situation.
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I am so sorry about your disability. I hope you have/are pursuing benefits appropriate to your situation.

Take comfort in knowing that your parents were hoping to compensate you. They were thinking of you. But the way they did it -- leaving something to you in the will -- did not accomplish what they had hoped it would. First and foremost their assests had to be used for their care, while they were alive. Anything left was available to distribute via a will. The car was not left. that was an asset that was used for their care.

Sorry, but there is no cash equivalent to an asset willed to someone. If the asset doesn't exist at the time of death, it is simply not available for someone to receive.
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WAVJR1....are you serious? Was there an automobile when the last parent died? Apparently not, since you sold it to provide for their urgently needed care. Where was this money magically supposed to cone from? You are not thinking clearly, and this happens to all of us at times. I can't see why the attorney would bother to answer car, nothing for you to inherit. You can't get water from a dry well. You should concentrate on getting benefits for yourself, Medicaid or Obamacare, food stamps, SSI or SSDI, help from your family, friends, church, whatever. How did you support yourself before? How are you paying your rent or buying food? Quit chasing some idea that you are owed money from your deceased parents and get on with paying attention to how you can make the best of what you do have. Time for the lightbulb over your head to switch on.
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