My dad was recently put into a locked down nursing home about a month ago by my sister. She did this without telling any one of her siblings. She is POA with my younger brother. My dad was diagnosed with early onset dementia about 3 years ago. I talked with the nursing home staff and social worker. They will not release my dad because my sister told them he is a threat to run and suicidal. My dad wants to go home. He is in a place where the residents are fed by the staff and need constant 24-hour care. My dad does not. My younger brother gets him daily and takes him to work with him, construction work then brings him back to the nursing home at 9pm. If my dad comes later than 9pm the cops get called and a warrant is issued. What can we do to get him out of the nursing home permanently?

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If you father is still competent to make his own decision (there are degrees of dementia where there is still competency), he could revoke the POA and execute a new one, naming a POA who will abide by his wishes.

If he is no longer competent, I would think that someone would have to petition he court to declare him incompetent and then for guardianship.

The statement that it is a 24 hour lockdown facility does not coincide with the statement that he is out every day to go to work with your brother. Do you mean that the facility is locked at night? I think that most of them are. My mother's rehab unit locked the door at 9PM.
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darinroh44, if your Dad is released from the nursing home, who will be taking care of him? Who was he living with prior or was he on his own?

Please note that an Assisted Living or a Nursing Home will not take a new resident unless the Staff feels the person needs this higher level of care.

You mentioned your Dad is a flight risk, and that can be very exhausting for whomever is doing the caregiving for Dad. I know lock down sounds upsetting but what it is is the residents cannot get out the front door. They are still able to move about within the facility. My Dad was in Memory Care and to him it felt safer knowing the outside doors are locked  around 8pm.

Also, when a person who has dementia/Alzheimer's, whenever they say they want to go home, it is usually the home where they grew up, back during a time where being a child was happy.
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