Poor guy(just a friend) but has no family here in Texas... Lost his property due to a forged warranty deed, which he was out lawyered on, has had 23 surgeries is 19 months, I am disabled have had 5 back surgeries and have been postponing a 6th. I haven't been able to even do any part-time work for nearly 2 years now, my credit cards are maxed with gas bills as his specialists are 2 1/2 hours away have put near 60,000 miles on my truck, need tires, need a life, he has medicare but makes 17.00 too much for Medicaid I can't get any transportation help, apparently his siblings aren't close, I've applied for everything, God Bless meals on wheels! Sinking here in Texas ! Are there benefits I don't know exist, seems you have to "APPLY" government doesn't inform!

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Has he applied for Medicaid or just looked at the qualifications? Your friend does need to talk to the Medicaid people to see what type of assistance could be available to him. Have your friend talk to the people at the county's human services department. A social worker may find some assistance that he didn't know was out there.
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Contact the local county health department, ask if they have social workers who can offer advice.

I think your friend might likely go to a rehab facility instead to learn how to adjust to the amputation.

Why is he being forced to move? Is he unable to pay his rent?

You could provide more details as well on the "out lawyering" that took place; he may have recourse if there was fraud involved.

Is he getting any kind of disability payments?
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