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Goodness! Your wife is so young for dementia, although of course it does happen early for some. What are her symptoms that convince you she has dementia? How long as it been going on? Is she used to going to a doctor once a year or more. For example, to have a mammogram, or flu shot, or any routine reason?
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It might help if you provide a little more about this person, such as do they have other health issues, do you have Healthcare POA for them, etc?

Some people report that they suggest the person see a doctor for a regular checkup, without making a big deal out of the memory issues. Some tell the person that it is them who has the appointment and ask that the dementia patient accompany them on the visit. (Let the doctor know in advance the situation.) I told my LO that we needed to get her to the doctor to see about her nutrition, medication, balance problems and poor memory. I said that there was likely some medication that would help. She went, though, she didn't like it. Others will likely have other suggestions. I hope that you find something that works.

I would also consider what happens once you get her there. Is there some reason that you need the doctor to confirm it? I needed it for my LO's application for admittance into a AL facility. She couldn't take care of herself and needed AL.

Is that what you're trying to do? No matter what the doctor says, she'll likely not believe him and still refuse to accept a dementia diagnosis.
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65 is quite young. What sort of thing makes you sure it's dementia you're dealing with?
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