I have taken care of my mother for 30 years. She started developing dementia when she turned 90. When she was hospitalized. I noticed she was abused by hospital nurses. I complained. Instead of getting fair treatment, the abusing nurse called the police and accused me of abusing my mother. When the police arrived, my mother, my mother's care giver, and I all told the police the truth. But, I was arrested and jailed anyway without any facts. I was aggressively prosecuted by prosecutors even the police and the doctors at the hospital found no any injuries to my mother as the abusing nurse claimed. This was clearly documented in the police report.

After I was arrested, my mother was immediately bounded to hospital beds. She was bounded to the bed for five months which completly destroyed her health under the name of protecting her. I did not find out the law that required the hospital to release her every hour for 15 minutes and every day the hopital needs doctors approval to bound her. None of these were done.

After my charge was dropped, I filed a lawsuit against the hospital. I spent $150,000 on legal fees. Becuase strong hospital lobby, in Calironia, the most award you can get for wrongful death is $250,000. (I was not for the money, but wanted the people responsible for my mother's death be punished.) For elders, the compensation is even less, or practically worthless. The hospital dragged our case, they have deep pocket, finally, my attorney advised me to drop the case. So, the murderer got away.

During the time while my mother was hospitalized, I pleaded many adult protection agencies to save my mother, but as soon as they heard my mother is in the hospital, they all backed out, including Alzheimer assoiciation, adult protection agency, ACLU, TV stations and newspapers, manyl elected officials, etc. The only organization responded and visited my mother is State Health Department after my repeated pleading, they finally sent a registered nurse to visit my mother in the hospital. He reviewed all my mother's medical records and observed my mother was bounded to the hospital bed against her will. He cited the hospital for violating of state law. I have a copy of State Health Department document to proved that. But, State Health Department took no further action.

I heard a lot of discussion regarding to family members abusing their loved one. But, no one talked about institutional abuse. These events happend much more often. But, no one pay attention. I like to hear from you about how we can prevent these types of event happening in the future. We need to go to the congress to present these facts. Can anyone help me to have an interview with 60 minutes or 20/20 TV program so we can generate attention about this issue?


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Most of the network stations have a way to contact them about stories (usually via email). Many of them have very specific contacts. My first inclination would be to suggest trying for Lisa Ling on the OWN network. Assuming anyone is interested, be prepared to have your life examined.
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