my parents live in their house, my mother has alzheimers and is charge of paying the bills but isn't doing a good job of it. I live in houston tx. they are in kansas city. My mother refuses help or that they are having trouble. I have a brother that lives there close to them but doesn't want to step in because he is scared to make mom mad. They are not buying groceries and have just had their gas turned off. I don't know what to do I don't have the funds to suport them.

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Is that the only issue? Bills can be paid automatically; or they can be sent to you to pay. Or a person can be hired locally to do it (their is a professional organization of professionla bill payers...believe it or not).
It sounds to me, though, that your parents are at risk and you must take action now. If you are unable to deal with the situation you have two choices:
1. Hire a geriartric care manager local to them. An initial assessment will run about $250 and ongoing service about $100 per hour.
2. There are many "Just Checking" programs that will keep tabs on them (contact your local Area Agency on Aging).
2. If all else fails, and if you really can't help them due to time, money, and distance, call the equivalent of Adult Protective Services in the county where they live. They will take over the situation and make sure they are safe. Be aware, however, that if you take this route the state may begin guardianship proceedings and I can assure you it will not be you that will be selected as guardian.
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