I lost original lease agreement with my mom. I put her in a nursing home because she became very difficult and was fearful of her hurting herself and also my husband and I. She's been living with me for 7 years. My question is I submitted the lease agreement to Medicaid and they say it looks tampered. Not sure if when I wrote it I just copied an old one and revised dates. She was in eddy care and was told to write another lease agreement. Had to work part time and pay to have her watched even if I went out to dinner. My siblings were no help at all. What else can I give Medicaid to prove we had agreement for her to pay rent?

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Unfortunately, the Lease Agreement WAS tampered with, right? You said you re-wrote it and just changed the date. At this point, I think it might be wise to talk to an Elder Law Attorney who specializes in Medicaid and ask them what to do.
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