My mom looks a mess after being in a new memory care facility, (2 months) she has gotten so many skin tears, her most recent is on her forearm and has become infected because she keep ripping the dressing off and picking at it. Some are from falls, the others the caregivers say they don't know how she got them, most likely running in to things....she's still ambulatory.

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My dad used to pick on his dry skin and scab, he would make bruises on his arms. I know the cause, because I saw it. I would put antiseptic creams to avoid infection and dryness. If I did nit know how it happened, and the fact dad was at home, I could have suspected something. Blood thinners make bruising easy.

Are the cuts in places she can reach? Does she pick at her skin? Are her nails trim? Do other residents have visible cuts? I would formally question it, take pictures are write a letter to the NH management asking for an explanation. Do not accuse, just ask. Address it to the doctor, administrator and social worker.

I used to drop by unexpectedly while my dad was in rehab. In fairness, it was less than a mile from my house, so it was easy to do. I never found anything to complain about. An abundance of caution is a good thing.

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My Mom had a similar and awful experience at A***a Assisted Living. Each time a wound happens it must be reported to medtech. If not, demand it. If they still don't report it, call the ombudsman. You may want to do so now so they can investigate. As you advocate for your mom, you will do so for all the residents. My poor Mom had DEEP wounds on her arms and upper legs and the ONLY reason I found them is because I undressed her and got her ready for bed... and then I started doing it regularly as the wounds were so perplexing. I did call our county ombudsman and they did a full investigation.

We MUST continue to advocate for our parents when we place them into any facility.
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