I know states vary, but in California you do not have to file your POA with the courts; in fact it isn't even recommended unless you are dealing with real property issues.
I would like to assist my bro with freezing his credit as an added safety measure. I am his POA. When I look up how to do this they want bills (his all come to me in another city) attached, all the addresses you were at in two years (his old, his new and my current would be showing). I am afraid his trying to do this on his own will have then questioning.
When I looked to do it as his POA it had that I had to send certification from my FILED POA. I know some states ask a POA be filed? One I remember is Iowa. But we don't.
Curious if any POAs out there are from California (Cali??) and what way you think we should go about the credit freeze. Calling is an option, but tedious, and likely he and I can't go through automated with three addresses an issue. I will be visiting and could assist. Not sure what way to go in this.
Would love some advice.

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Alva, another way you could make the phone call is by conference call.   Dad would call me, then I would conference in whoever we needed to speak to.  That's how we handled asset transfers from his portfolio.

We also used to do that when he began having more trouble hearing, for just regular calls to his friends.    I either repeated what was said or took notes on the conversation, then shared it with him later, as I could talk as loud as necessary so he could hear.  

I hope whatever method you choose works out well for you.
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Alva, I always call when I filed credit alerts for myself and my father.   I never had to provide any information, nor did I when I also filed a credit freeze when he died.   I also filed one for myself as well. 

It was one reason I liked doing it by phone; all the data could be entered w/o my having to state that I was taking action on his behalf.
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AlvaDeer Sep 2019
Thank you GardenArtist.That decides it. He and I will do it together with my Autumn visit. I got the numbers and it's in the folder. Hugs.
I would just go down to the county recorders office and file the POA Alva. Otherwise, when you go to visit him, just sit with him and the 2 of you go through the process online together.

Have you read this

We did not lock MILs credit because it was a PITA. If it’s too much of a hassle, you could sign him up for LifeLock, my husband used that monitoring service after MILs house was burglarized 10 years ago and copies of her adult children’s SS cards and birth certificates were stolen (we don’t know why she kept copies but she did and boy was my hubby HOT when he found out).
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AlvaDeer Sep 2019
Thanks Cali. He has no computer, so we wouldn't be doing that, and we are in different cities. We are hours apart by plane. But I think likely we should at least try on the phone together.
Cali, another question. As to the County recorders office. I am in SF county and he is in Riverside. I don't drive and the Riverside Country Recorder's office likely way too far from him. Any other option. That is to say can it be filed where I live, in SF.
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