Sorry to take up forum space to ask this, but can somebody please tell me how to reply to a personal message? I see no option for "reply".


You just click on their name and that will take you to their wall where you can message them. It's ok to ask these type of questions That's how we learn.😊
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I can't find the reply button either. I usually just go to the person who left me a message and answer them on their wall. That's the only way I can figure out how to respond to a message left on my wall.
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Some people have their profile setup so they do not accept personal messages so do not have a wall for them. Then the reply button would not appear.
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Just send your own PM to that person on their wall, clicking their avatar will take you there. Be sure to select "private message" if that's what you want.
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ExhaustedPiper May 19, 2019
Thank you!!

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