Mom on Medicare paid home hospice. Can't be left alone. Father can't do it alone. I took a leave of absence: (laid myself off) from my part time job to help father care for my mother who is on home hospice. She needs someone with her 24 hours a day due to her medical conditions: Acute-on-chronic Respiratory Failure; COPD. & Congestive Heart Failure. I live more than 100 miles away, so I only go home once a week and return the following day. I have almost depleted all my savings and will be forced to go back to work if I don't get some kind of income. Medicare is her soul coverage provider. Do they have a form or application to supply some kind of financial assistance for care givers who are also family members?


1) Moving is not an option.
2) PT Job schedule is non negotiable.
3) Even if I help on my days off. Hospice can't provide the amount of home
assistance (babysitters) to allow my father enough resting time to regenerate.

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No, Medicare provides all services through Hospice contracted providers who are licensed, insured and certified. Go back to work. See him on your days off.
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