There was a sign posted on my mom’s house yesterday saying “this property is being managed by so & so field company”.

I'm assuming this is a company contracted by the reverse mortgage company’s bank to perform an (exterior) inspection so I’m wondering what the next steps are regarding when & how the bank takes physical possession of mom’s house. Since they haven’t contacted me (I’m her POA for everything) how will they get inside the house?

What was the reason it was foreclosed?

If the reason is death, which is the usual reason, your POA is invalid and the executor would be contacted. There are other reasons they could foreclose but not as common. Could you please clarify.
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Countrymouse Feb 22, 2019
Wouldn't it be routine for possession to pass to the mortgage provider once the mortgagee moves out permanently?
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I should ring the mortgage provider and ask for an explanation. Do you have all the paperwork related to the RM? The POA does make you responsible for co-operating with the next steps, whatever they might be; so I should get a bit proactive about it if I were you.

Has the house been cleared or are your mother's possessions still all there?
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