i live in spain, and need to return back to the uk because my father needs 24/7 care after suffering a stroke, he if fit, but his memory is very low and needs care. my father owns his own house, i also own my own house in the uk.. and i am thinking of moving my father in with me to avoid him being taken in a home. the question is.,. will i have to sell my fathers house in order to give me the financial support .. at the moment i have a mortgage on my property which i pay 450.00 pounds per month .. my fathers house if paid for.. my intention being to rent my fathers property for 480 pounds which will then pay my mortgage.. but of course then i will need care allowance because i am unable to work.. this is a big step i am taking a moving back to uk from spain.. where i have lived and owned my own business for 10 years. i dont even know if i am doing the right thing moving back and also can i look after my father who is 80 years of age and if very fit apart from his memory loss.. does anyone know if i will get care allowance ? to help look after my father.

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Crowe's answer sounds good if you think you would be able to care for him full time or maybe with some help -it is worth a try you rent your house and live with him and take care of him if you have a good relationship with him why not try it for say two weeks to see how it goes.
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So, your dad owns a house and you own a house in the UK, but you had been living and running your own business in Spain, and now you are not able to work. Did you have to sell your business? What sort of financial resources do you have for your own situation now that you can no longer work? What kind of financial resources does your dad have for his long term care? I sure hope you have durable and medical POA if that's what they call it in the UK.

My dad is 86 and I'm 53, so I guess you are probably in your late 40ties. Do you have a family of your own to consider? Do you have any siblings or like myself an only child?

I don't know about the laws in the UK. It sounds like you are doing some serious questioning about all of this which is good. My other question is how able are you going to be with whatever is keeping you from being able to work to actually care for your dad 24/7. I think you need to read some of the stories here about moving into such a situation.

If your house in the UK is not paid for and your dad's house is, and you are going to take care of your dad, it might be better to rent your house to pay off the mortgage and live in his house which he has some memory and not moving him might keep him happier.

I wish you well.
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