I never want him to go in NH I have my daughter help I'Il have help at home I will take care of my husband I hope to the end I pray the Dr. will keep him on his meds and not change them that is a worry. We see Dr. Wed

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Why would you think someone might try to force you to place your husband in a nursing home? Has someone threatened that? Please provide a little more background. Does someone else have medical POA for your husband?

My choice was to keep my husband with dementia at home. Over the years I got increasing amount of help to do that. It can work out, and I sincerely hope it does for you. I am aware, though, that very few of the caregivers in my support group have been able to keep their loved ones at home until the very end. Please keep an open mind and frequently re-evaluate what is best for everyone concerned. As I say, I hope that will be keeping him at home.

How old is your daughter? What is her life situation? (Married, in school, living with you ... what?) It is wonderful that she can help you. My son helped me. Just be very careful that she can still live her own life.

Warm best wishes to you. If you care to provide more specific information you may get more specific responses.
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If you already have help at home, good for you! If you need more help, remember the doctor is the one who prescribes additional home help. Also call BEES "Busily Enjoying Everyday Seniors" 121 N. 12 Street Paragould, AR 72450, 870-239-4093, if you need Meals on Wheels or the Greene County transport van. You are lucky to live in a place with an active Senior Center with volunteers who can make staying home possible.
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