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3pinkroses is right in the comments she made. It would be more helpful to have additional info about your mom. One thing I learned is that if you are going to take your parent home, the rehab, at least in Washington state, will do more work with them, beyond the normal, "you are not make any progress medicare policy", to make sure they have the best chance to be settled in a home environment, meaning usually your home. In my dad's case, the speech and swallow therapist worked with him beyond the medicare limits, because he was coming home. Those additional weeks make a huge improvement in what my dad could eat, which made my llfe easier when he came to live with us. Same for his physical therapy. It's sad to me that, had my dad stayed at the NH/Rehad/Skilled Nursing facility, he would have still been eating pureed foods. Clearly he did better with more rehab, but he would not have gotten it if he wasn't coming home. Go figure.

I'm not answering your question and I apologize for that. Just giving you some info that prove helpful in the future.
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I am assuming she is in rehab after hospitalization for some reason. There is a certain amount of time that is allowed for medicare to pay. Think they will pay up to 100 days as long as the patient is making progress. If they are not making further progress; other arrangements have to be made. Talk to the social worker at the rehab. - that is who I spoke to many times for my parents and they were most helpbul.

Also, you could call Elder Services in your area for information. They were a great resource for me. Take care.
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