Knee-walker, crutches, a cast, portable toilet, hospital bed (in living room) and a boot all results of a bunionectomy in July. Just two days in regular shoes. How do I get my body back in order after being non-weight bearing and on this bed for months? I’m the sole caregiver. Like too many of us I have an MIA (missing in action) brother who has adult aged daughters. They’re in another state; literally & figuratively speaking. I strive hard not to despise them. He rarely calls - the girls never do. Despicable. I’ve been at this 10 years.

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You are not going to improve if you r still caring for Mom. You may have to place her somewhere so u can heal. Have a friend who recently started having AFib problems right after she took in her husband with Parkinsons to care for. (They were separated not divorced) My friend runs her own hair Salon. TG its in her home but he is already needing more and more care. She won't get in any help. So stubborn.
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Oof. I remember when my SIL had her bunion done she was signed off work for months. Very sore, and I sympathise.

If your surgeon's aftercare program didn't include physical therapy, is it too late for you to ask for some now? Or, and I'm not joking, this is a serious suggestion, what about looking up some gyms and fitness centres in your neighbourhood and see if they have any personal trainers who might tailor a special, gentle workout to your needs?

It sounds as if it's the prolonged inactivity that's done more damage to your condition than either the foot problem or the surgery. I'm not very impressed that this wasn't addressed by your surgeon.

Are you getting support with your mother's care? Can you access more help with her?
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OMM2, I'm a bit confused. The above descriptions about knee-walker, portable toilet - is you or your mother? None-weight bearing and 'on this bed for months' is you? Has your health deteriorated in which you lost muscle strength?

Ha! About your brother and nieces. My sib-of-next-door and his grown up kids would celebrate the holidays on Dad's front porch. My bedridden father lived in the livingroom, on the hospital bed, near the louvred windows that opens to the porch. Sib and fam could not find the time to open the livingroom door, stuck their head in and just greet dad/grandfather. My dad passed away and my sib of next door was praised for taking very good care of his bedridden parents. I was an unknown daughter. I'm currently fighting the bitterness of it all. 25 years between bedridden mom and then bedridden dad..... I soooo totally understand your bitterness....

Edit: The good part is that bro does help at times when I need help on some house maintenance and putting up the shutters on every single typhoons. Gotta be grateful about that, though.
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