I know it’s a long shot but seeking legal help for my Mom.

She was given Cipro and Levaquin like candy from 2017-2019 and can not walk from foot pain.

Just want to stop the Drs that did this to her from doing it to others.

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Since the quite new research came out about the fact that these drugs can cause these problems they are seldom given. Not worth your life to try to get cipro from a doc in my neck of the wood. The doctors who prescribed this were a bit slow on the uptake if they were giving it in 2019 and I will tell you that.
Given that, don't know what it was given for. Many UTI are almost untreatable by ANY meds now, resistant to almost anything, and they must give what the culture grows out sensitivity to. New York Times several months ago did front page story on how resistant and dangerous the new UTIs are.
Now on to suits. That won't work. You must prove injury to win a suit. You will not be able to given the age of the elder. The foot pain could be from anything. You must prove in order to win any settlement at all a BAD injury to a YOUNG person who makes GOOD money and has been injured so badly that they can never work again and will ne.ed ongoing care. I know that is shocking, but many years ago Medical folk and lawmakers go together to make recovery in a suit so small (I think it is 250,000) that without need for ongoing lifelong care it is not worth the time it takes a lawyer to get a suit to court. So suit is out. You could join a class action; you will see them out there. That will mean you will do reams and reams of forms, the lawyer will make a ton, and 10 years later you will get a check for 60.00.
I am exaggerating here, but not by a whole lot.
If you want to prevent the doctor from giving this drug so lightly do write a doctor and ask for his explanation for giving this drug out like candy. See what he says.
Let us know. I would be so interested in hearing. And good luck.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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