my dad just recently moved in with me at this point I do all cooking, cleaning, some driving and help him get up and down stairs, in and out of cars, shower ect. and help him filling out paper work and managing bills and checking accounts. he is considered lower income and my income fluctuates mth to mth
but is also considered low. where do I go to apply for medicaid in Wa Clark County. Thanks Sue

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Here is an article on that can help identify the first steps on what you need and what to do for Medicaid. Hope this helps!

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Go to the website for your state's Department of Human Services. Look for the Medicaid application there. You can also call them for assistance, but I applied on-line and did all the majority of the back and forth questions and answers via e-mail since I couldn't plan on getting in touch with anyone during the brief time I had to make phone calls during the day.

We have a program in Iowa called the Elderly Waiver. It is a Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) that provides assistance to keep seniors in their homes as long as possible. It is paid for by Medicaid. Every state has a similar program, but it might be under a different name in Washington.

To qualify, a person must need help with at least three activities of daily living or have a cognitive impairment, such as dementia. The person must also qualify financially by having less than $2000.00 in assets. It took a lot of work to prove that my mom qualified as my dad is still living and is a community spouse. I would recommend looking on line for the Agency on Aging for your area, as they may be able to provide some assistance.

It took about six months and five attempts to get my mom qualified. On the application, be sure to fill in yourself as the person helping with the application, so questions and paperwork will come directly to you. On the first application, the department person talked with my mom and she denied needing any services; if your dad has any type of dementia, be sure DHS knows that.

Also, be sure to get Medical Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney papers filled out right away; make lots of copies. Best wishes--it's a long journey.
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