Where can we find volunteer services?

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My mother would like to volunteer some time doing something helpful in the community.

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That's very thoughtful. Is she able to get around pretty well? I noticed that your profile says your mother has dementia. Is there someone who can assist her in finding somewhere that she can volunteer?
Hello there! That was really very thoughtful. I think you may try finding online for the best volunteering service. I would like to share that few months back, my granny also wanted to volunteer for spending some time with the needy people. She came to know about this mission humanitaire program from one of my relatives where people can participate as a volunteer and spend time with the Beninese children. She told me that she felt very happy spending time with the Beninese children and volunteering. She also suggested me this site mission-humanitaire-afrique.org to check more about this mission huamnitaire program.

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