My 93 year old mother had a stroke in December and is coming home from the skilled nursing facility to live with me. She didn't see doctors before this and now I need to find a doctor in our area to oversee her care. How do I find the right doctor?

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When my Mom first moved here to live near me I took her to a general internist who came highly recommended. However, after a few visits I could tell that her practice was not geared toward elderly patients...some of her assistants didn't want to touch Mom...I had to help her off and on the exam table. When the doc was out of town, and we had a minor emergencies, her staff was way too laid back. They would tell me, "take her to the emergency room..." A good indication of the practice is the professionalism of the front office staff and how empathetic they are.

I would highly recommend a "geriatric specialist" - an internist that specializes in the ailments of age. I found Mom's by asking around (friends, neighbors, etc.) and found a great doctor. He is patient, is very careful not to do extreme things such as ordering unnecessary tests or make radical changes in meds. I feel so much more relaxed now that she has him.
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