I would like to hire someone to help my elderly aunt and uncle sort out the various assisted living optionsand help them decide where to move. They are 85/87 and have been spinning their wheels on this for a couple of years and not moving forward, simply overwhelmed by the prospect of making a change. I'd like to help them avoid a crisis but I live in MA and they are in Torrance, CA and need to stay there. How can I find someone to help them? They are financially secure. Thanks so much...

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Carol, call the County Agency on Aging where your aunt and uncle live, and see if they can recommend a group who will help out with finding an Assisted Living complex. The rents on Assisted Living apartments vary from area to area. But it sounds like they saved for that "rainy day", which is great.

I know what you mean about spinning their wheels about moving. I remember bringing to my parents a lovely brochure about a really nice senior complex. My parents looked it over and my Dad said "maybe in a couple of years".... to which I said "Hello, you are already in your mid to late 90's !!"...... [sigh].
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