I need someone to drive me to stores, doctor's, etc. They don't need to wait. I can all when ready to be picked up. But looking for doctor and may have to go out of Chico. IHHS has been no help. I am signed up for their servies and can use some help.

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Kat, you can get a lot of information searching similar posts: (this one is for a specific geographic area. Just substitute whatever area you live in and do the searches from there.

I would caution though that if you use the paratransit/dial-a-ride-small bus services, they don't come on call; you make the arrangements before hand and will get door to door service, but you do have to have a good estimate of how long it will take for each appointment.

I would also suggest you be aware of some insurance issues if you want to hire someone privately. I'm assuming you don't have a car, so this person would be using his/her car. You'll be paying that person, so that theoretically makes him or her a commercial driver, who probably would need to get a commercial license and commercial liability insurance. That would likely increase the cost of the rides.

Have you tried your senior center to see if they affiliate with the local transit company to provide rides for seniors?

You could also contact your doctors, or especially hospitals, to see if they offer ride "chits" for people who need transportation.
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