I am willing to pay, please help, with some sort of suggestion. I am on a rubber band. In have a home health care helping but I need more time off. (smile) 24/7. My biggest JOKE is the 2nd shift called in again, when do I get a break. Hee Hee.

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You have several options to help your mom. Check out a reputable home care company. This is private duty, non-medical care and the rates vary from average $17-$25 per hour depending on your geographical location. Ensure that the company that you use has a caregiver back-up plan in case the primary caregiver gets sick. Our company, Home & Hearth Caregivers, require our caregivers to confirm their shift with the office or on-call service two hours before their shift and when they arrive and depart. We also introduce a minimum of two caregivers so that the client is comfortable with both. Some agencies have minimum hours requirement and/or deposit requirements. Others may offer live-in care if you need full-time respite care.

You can also check your local Senior Service department for local resources. Some senior centers receive grants for providing respite care using local agencies.

You can hire on your own using the internet and pay a lower price per hour. However, you will need to investigate tax implications and be responsible for the hiring, firing and managing the caregivers. You also are responsible for background screening and drug testing.

Another option is to place your mother in a skilled nursing facility for respite care. This option may be covered by Medicare and many facilities are willing to offer this service. However, your mother may not agree to staying there and it may cause strain on your relationship.

Best of luck in finding the happy medium for you and your mom.
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