Grandmas 98 and her regular Doctor is no help with her alzheimers. He says she has senile dementia and will not even say she has alzheimers. I know its the same thing! We called him over and over for help and he just keeps saying she's healthy. The woman is a diabetics and has blood pressure problems. That he said she can eat whatever she wants. She has lived with me for over a year and she can not eat whatever she wants because it makes her pressure and sugar go through the roof! She is now up all night and all he would do is give her adivan and all that did was my her more off balance then she is (she uses a walker and is still not very stable) and she ended up falling. So we stopped giving her that. I have POA for her medical and I want to take her to a different dr. that deals with alzheimers. We live in michigan, chesterfield township, 48051 She is also starting to lose a lot of weight and he seems not concerned. Would like someone that speaks good english and who could be a better help to her and myself.

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The ALZ assoc. has local chapters you can get info & referals from.
Check your yellow pages as MiaMadre said for specialists. Possibly listed under "Geriatric"?

You can take her to any doctor you want to, but ask first if they accept "assignment" or you may be charged for an office visit.

Also check They can send you a booklet with lots of info & possible reccomendations also for your area.

I had to change my mother's physician too. I wish you the best.
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I am not in Michigan but when I was looking for a geriatric doctor, I called several that specialized in ALZHEIMER's and dementia.

I would suggest that you look for the same. I don't know if anyone on this list is in Michigan, or if the experts will provide referral information. But start looking on your own.

In the meantime, do the very best you can controlling her diabetes and managing her BP. Sleep disturbances are common with Alzheimer's and I found that getting some fresh air and sunshine during the day, and keeping a routine helped Mom sleep better at night. Melatonin levels can be low in the elderly, as well as Vitamin D3 and B12. Talk to your NEW doctor about supplements that can help her sleep better too. Sometime western meds can have an opposite effect. I found a routine of warm bath, camomile tea and warm feet helped Mom sleep better than any of the meds her 'other' doctor recommended.

It may be time for you to look for 'night help' so if she is getting up at night, that YOU can sleep while she is in safe hands. It's worth it for the peace of mind, and for YOUR health.

I will be looking for others in your area (hopefully) to add their suggestions for a doctor. God bless.
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