She doesn't get much SSI, lives by herself in desperate need of help.

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Michigan has an Elder Law of Michigan agency which provides free legal advice to qualified seniors. Check your Missouri government site, or google something like "Missouri Elder Law Agency", which I just googled.

I got several hits, the first 6 of which are for law firms, but the 7th and 8th are for what appear to be elder specific agencies:

1. Legal Services of Eastern Missouri :: Elder Law Program and

2. Missouri Seniors Legal Helpline.

There are "Contact Us" and "Links to Resources", the latter of which has categorical topics which might be of help to your friend.

You can also check with the local county bar association; they may know of local pro bono attorneys as well.

Some law schools have clinics that offer free advice; these would likely be listed either on county or state bar websites. I don't recall for sure, but I believe I also got some information on this level from the County Bar Assn. Library.

And some senior centers or the larger community municipalities offer free legal advice to seniors, sometimes weekly, sometimes biweekly. These are typically brief consultations, but it might be enough for your friend to get some basic advice and suggestions on who might be able to provide more information.

May I ask if it's legal advice specifically that she needs or aging support (food, shelter, care, etc.) in general? I'm not trying to pry, but if she needs help generally, there are a lot more resources that could be recommended.

Hope your friends finds someone to help her.
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Missouri Bar Association has several state funded organizations. Dial (800) 444-0514 to apply for Kansas City MO area.
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