She died this year and my brother doesn't speak with me at all-

Her lawyer claims there is a conflict of interest therefore he refuses to give me any information.
my name is not on her will anymore- I am not even mentioned as a trustee-other names were added- an amendment was added saying I am not to inherit anything-and many various distributions r made to my brother, his wife his daughter and a financial advisor- all her financial and legal decisions were done without my knowledge and were hidden,kept from me, until I had to get a lawyer to demand I get a copy of her will-I thought it was a joke when I read it-
it was full of surprises- I don't know what her financial situation was-since it never occurred to me my brother would make sure I was cut out--
I had never thought I would be left out-she had always said whatever was there was for both of us- she wanted us to get along-pay her bills and split the rest- I thought-but there were other plans for her care and estate- a shock to me- considering I cared for her for about 13 yrs in nyc where we live.
can I find out what her policy is,was?if she had life insurance?what her health long term ins. covered?there are so many questions unanswered-
my brother planned carefully to cut me out of all of my mothers affairs/estate,
inheritance, any heirlooms, personal property from our house of 55 yrs.
isn't there some kind of agency that will have this info documented?
do I have to hire a lawyer?
I have no $-so I am at a disadvantage-but I am my mothers daughter- have been for almost 65 yrs, and know she wouldn't have ever eliminated me- not knowingly-my brother is the only other family member alive-he is 7 yrs younger than I am- has a wife and kid- lives in mass-I am alone-mom lived close by- dad passed in 2005-i took care of them the last yrs of their lives-until my brother took her out of the state and put her in a nursing home-made sure I was not part of her care-this is a situation I cannot let go of- its wrong, she wouldn't have set something like this up-my brother is angry because he was not mad exec of dads estate-claims I did him wrong- however all info is in public records and financial info was sent to his lawyer- all of it. my father knew he would do something like this, and that is why he didn't want him to have control of his estate-I am sure this is an act of revenge my brother has been planning for years-it may have been done"legally" but it isn't an ethical or moral!!!!!!!!!!
any advice? thanks, krn

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This is heartbreaking and, yes, immoral. Unfortunately, the only thing I can see is that you take legal action if you want to go through that. Try contacting your state's Attorney General's office and ask if there are any pro bono (free) attorneys for cases like your. They may be able to guide you.

Take care,
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I only have paperwork showing amounts paid annually towards my mother's life insurance, the words paid-up and paid-out dividends, the insurance company will not send me letter stating terminated or cancelled policy and lastly this is a whole life policy. Last dividend was 2008...i believe one is scheduled for 2016. Trying to hire a lawyer. Mother started this policy in 1988.
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Well, Carol's always right; so there's your answer.

Having had to claim life insurance on my husband's life and helping someone else claim lie insurance on behalf of his brother, I can tell you that this information is strictly confidential. Even if you had the policy and had a QUESTION about it (like when the beneficiary was changed, as an example), unless you are that person named and prove it by jumping through a myriad of hoops, send in certified copies of the insured's death certificate, etc., you'll get no information at all from the life insurance company.

I'm sorry this happened to you. Whether by hook or crook that it was purposefully set up that way, it has to be very painful.
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Wills are a matter of public record, but you said you had a copy of that. Your bio says your Mom had dementia. Were the changes to the wills made after her diagnosis of dementia? That may be an avenue for an attorney to pursue. Depending upon the size of the estate and the length of her stay, a good chunk of your Mom's assets may have been used to pay for her nursing home.
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