My mother retired 6-8 yrs ago, and during my current search for another facility, one of the providers asked if my mother had it? I was totally surprised that I hadn't considered it but then I realized I have no idea if she had or has coverage or not. Does anyone know how it works...could she still access the policy after she has retired from that employer (I assume if she bought a policy it was a group plan through the employer)?

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I hate long term care insurance!! My mother, with Alzheimer's purchased a policy probably about 20 years ago now. When the disease started to develop it showed, as it often does, in missing payments, and difficulty handling finances. Well, you guess it, the policy lapsed after paying into it for ten years or more. Bad decisions, difficulty with money are often the first signs. And of course, the company will not reinstate the policy even if the back premiums were paid.
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I think it would depend if you have a DPOA or not. If you have control of her finances it should be easy enough to check her bank statements for payments to the LTC policy.

As far as a part employer, you would need to contact the HR department of her employer, but don't count on them asking questions a copy of the DPOA.

Once they have a copy they could give you the details. Or if you are currently handling her finances you may be able to look into a benefits book she may have lying around that would have that information.

Hope this helps. good luck.
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