My wife had a incomplete spinal cord muscle. Its now 9 months post surgery she still in a lot of pain and suffers with spasticity and muscspasms on her legs. I am looking for a neurologist or specialist who deals with lumbar stenosis and spinal cord injuries.

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Both surgeons said there they can do following cervical surgery in March 2016. She also had a triple lamenectory for lumbar stenosis in January 2013.she has been in rehab 3 times for 2 weeks and had 2 rounds of 9 weeks in home care with occupational therapy
Besides a nuerologist she also needs a pain management specialist. We are in Rhode Islanf
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You'll need to do some research on physicians associated with the hospital you generally attend, or contact the surgeon who performed the surgery. He/she could recommend a specialist to see. You might also search for a spinal surgeon in particular; that person would generally provide post-surgical support.

I'm wondering if you've contacted the surgeon who performed the surgery and if that person is or isn't suitable to address the post surgical problems. Did your wife have any physical therapy after the surgery? Did she have or is she getting home care?
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