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Depending on what type of long term care you are looking for you could start in many places. I would start at the eldercare locator government website:

Here you can find many types of care based on your location. This will give you a list to start from and you can narrow things down after that. If you are looking at facilities tour as many in your radius as possible before making any decisions. From experience there are some terrible places out there and usually you can spot these with tours. Trust your instincts, if it doesn't feel good it may not be.

For home health care long term care the eldercare locator can also help. You can also contact your loved one's health insurance policy for providers that are in network.
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I would start with reputable sites that endorse certain companies. The sites of Suzie Orman and Dave Ramsey come to mind. Unfortunately long term care insurance is alot like health insurance or life insurance, you need to purchase it before you need it. Once a person is diagnosed with a health condition it is unlikely that they are insurable. There was a thread on this site that indicated people had very different ideas about the benefits of LTI. I have seen several elders in nice facilities that they would never be able to afford without it, so I am a believer. But that means my husband and I have bought a policy. My mom has Parkinson's and is one of those who didn't think it was necessary before and it is too late now.
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