Need honest attorney in Odessa/Midland area to help me get legal and medical business in order. My husband has dementia and it is really get worst. It looks like it is going to be impossible for me to care for him at home because he has become very combative, accusing people of hurting him, fights back with staff at the nursing home is in right now, supposing temporary just for rehab. I did contact one Attorney here in Odessa but he was so cold and unconcerned wanting $200 hours not even mention a consultation or even if that would apply to rest of service.. I called another in Midland three days ago and he has not returned my call. I would appreciate any advice, information anyone could give me. Seems like time is of the essence and I need to get on this really quick.

He has been at the nursing home for approximately 14, only was to stay 20 days. They are having trouble handling him, dr. to run test in the am and they will get with me on those results. What should I be doing, I am at a lost and pretty much on my own handling this because his children have not help yet, and doubt if they will step up to the plate at this point.

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Attorneys seem to have knowledge of paper work that takes a stress load off, however, self motivated research and this forum can work well in avoiding the costs of an attorney; not to mention gaining enormous knowledge for future applications. I would try the do it yourself mode first, if your husband is already an in patient you do have some time to work with?
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Hello hurtingheart,

I encourage you to utilize the tools we have here on I have posted a link to help direct you to finding an attorney in your area.

Hope this helps.

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You should leave him in the nursing home where he is safe. He will need a lock-up facility. $200/hr in Texas is an honest lawyer's rate. Yes you pay upfront, it is called a retainer. At this point your spouse has too much dementia to sign anything. If you have Will find it. If you both have no Will, again the husband cannot sign one now. Gather up your financial data: find your last tax return, bank statements. Try Calling Legal Aid, 620 N Grant Ave, Odessa, TX 79761
Sometimes seniors get pro bono (free) help.
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