I have written to the case manager and director of the Dept of Office and Regulatory Affairs in regards to my attorney's hearing/appeal request. They do not respond to my or my attorneys certified letters in regards to the status of his request. They won't respond as to why they are not responding either. I also cannot get a response from my attorney, which I believe is because they are not responding to him either. What are my legal rights with the State of New Jersey, who do I write to next? There was no probate on the Estate, so no assigned Executor, as the property transferred via Quit Claim Deed. The State is not recognizing the QCD. I am at a loss! Please if there is an attorney out there that knows about Quit Claim Deeds and the protected regulations that protects against such properties being Lien-ed? Why the state of NJ is not responding to my status requests? or the status requests of my attorney? and the regulation that protect the rights of family whose name is listed on the QCD? We, the family have been paying for the property as according to the state we own it so we are liable for it? We are in a very difficult situation and need help. Is there an organization that can help us?

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