I get help with caregiving, then I take on the duties, help filling out forms etc without paying lawyer. I get various forms that need to be filled out. We live alone, no local family. I am not looking for legal advice simply some one read over my shoulder and offer some hand holding. The forms are usually personal in nature. Would a senior center offer a shine counselor ?

I get advice, carer are for your self. Any caregiver agencies offer paralegal caregivers. My LO that I care for can get help, where do I get support

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What sorts of forms, Dave? What kind of personal information? one thing I'll mention is that I only give the last four digits of my ss# , unless I'm opening a new bank account and I'm there in person. It usually suffices.
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I see on your profile that you were once in the Coast Guard. Is Coast Guard considered military? The VA offers all sorts of assistance, maybe the CG has something similar?

Also check your Local Area Agency on Aging or the AARP. Some here have knowledge from first hand experience and may be able to help. What sorts of forms? Investing in an elder law attorney to assist with preparation would be invaluable. Some offer free half hour telephone consultation.

Another source that may be able to help is the Family Caregiver Alliance
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