NO a/c in recently purchased home!

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I believe the VA will only make home improvements involving the safety of the occupant. They installed safety bars in my dads shower and next to the toilet. He may be entitled to a VA pension based on his low income. Check the VA website for the necessary forms.
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1. Does this veteran has a service connected disability?

2. The VA provides some home assistance but I don't recall the level of help or the requirements for receiving it. The veteran can contact his local congressional rep or federal senator to see if any of them have a booklet on VA benefits. I got one at an Area Agency on Aging conference and found it very, very helpful. Such a booklet would provide more information on whether or not the VA can help, although if it can, there may be a waiting or qualification process.

3. The veteran can also contact the VA's Eligibility Department of his local or regional VA and ask about VA assistance. Service organizations such as American Legion and VFW assist veterans in preparing claims; check with your local ones, ask which of them helps with claims, and contact them for information on whether there's help through the VA.

4. The senior center, code enforcement, or technical department of Tavares may have information on a HUD program providing home repair assistance for low income people. I don't know if when you write "no a/c" you mean there's no unit or no working unit. I also don't know whether no a/c would be considered an emergency or a health issue, but if the veteran has an pulmonary issues, it might.

5. Contact Habitat for Humanity - it offers various types of project assistance.

6. Contact 211 (United Way hotline), and ask about other organizations that assist either low income people or veterans or a combination of both. United Way itself might even be able to help.

7. Contact a local news station; they can often get companies to donate the equipment as well as the installation and/or repair service. It's good publicity for them and the company.

8. Contact the local electrical company; they sometimes have assistance programs whereby the cost can be amortized over a period of time. They may even have low income assistance programs.

Good luck; I hope you find some help, and if you do, please post back again so we know what worked for you and what may be of help to others.

Habitat for Humanity
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Sadly if someone cannot afford to reside in their current home, thus pay for life's major home repairs that spring up out of the blue, then it is time to downsize into something more affordable. You never know what might need repair next.

Did this home come without air condition or did the air condition [central air or window units] fail right after the Veteran moved in? Did he/she use a Home Inspector to inspect the home prior to making the contract move forward? If yes, what was the outcome? Did the Inspector say the air conditioning needs replacing, etc? Did the property come with a Home Warranty, a warranty that is good for a year on major items with a service call fee of $50-$75 for each call? A warranty is great because if the air condition cannot be fixed, it will be replaced at no cost. Sometimes the Seller will offer this type of warranty to the new Buyer.

Otherwise check the Veterans county agency on aging for programs to see if they have any type of repair program... go to the website link below.... click on your State.... now click on the city/county.
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