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Unfortunately, many parts of the country have better laws in place and better care agencies. I would use a respected chain. I'm not saying small services can't be wonderful - or in some cases, even better - but if you are having problems, chains that care about their reputations are usually more strict about their caregivers. Look in your phone book for operations that have national roots such as Home Instead and Comfort Keepers. There are many more - these are just two that come to mind. Good luck,
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Good Morning SandraAnn,
I have shared your pain.
This is what I did and it really worked for me.
I tried interviewing different agencies and was totally put off by their riduculous rules and prices.
I found the classes where they train caregivers and made friends with the teachers and asked what students did they think really had 'it'?
They told me, I hired one, she was great and with me through mom's death. Saved a LOT of money and the only rules imposed were mine.
Agencies are there to take a piece out of the middle and the deck is stacked in their favor, not yours. Screw that.
Good luck and let us know how it's working out. You can do this.
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