Where are the caregiver support groups in my area?

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Call the Alzheimer's organization in your area. Even if you don't need support for dementia caregiving, they will likely have a list. You local newspaper may have one, at least online. You could also try your state website and look for their version of the National Family Caregiver Support Program. They should have a list. Good luck,
Hello Carol I'm a live in caregiver to my sister mother law. Who has dementia She is still a little independent .But her health is up down Mostly memory declining. Dizzy in out of the hospital . So it has gotten to be 24 7 and When i move in wasn't not supposed to be like this But i need a place to stay And i thankful for that . I don't get much help So you know it get stressful physically mentally emotionally draining And she is in the arguing stage And she getting isolated Doesn't want to do much . To me the family feel like this is my job.Which it is But it would be nice for break now and then. I feel like it get to the point where people just care about there self And not the caregiver. Sorry to say that but sometime you feel like taking advantage of. And it taking toll on my health Never had before My doctor said lot of it cause by stress Will my question Is I would really like to move out of state To get a fresh start I feel like now i can financially And i was wondering If i should feel guilty That i feel like it time to get my life back And will i be able to get my life back . I have been doing care giving for over 10 years And this one has been the hardest i don't want to feel selfish . But i feel like it is time Thank you Carolyn

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