Dad was left in the nursing home (2 weeks) and did not have visitors for 1 week. Mom had broken her hip and was unable to get there, everyone but my brother is 500 miles away. He became violent one weekend and now I can't get a nursing home locally to consider him. He would be near most of his family and we would be able to visit which I think would make a big difference. He is now on medication and his behavior is better, but when they read the nurses notes from that weekend, he gets turned down. Where else am I to turn? Would assisted living be a possibility. We have a place that thinks it would be a good place for him.

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If the assisted living center thinks it would be a good place, then you may want to consider them. It's unfortunate that one episode is held against him, especially since his medications seem to be working. You just want him near family and happy. I'd suggest at least talking further with this AL, if they have the ability to care for him. Good luck to you with this. I've heard from many people with this problem and it's very hard. Please check back.
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