Trying to move my brother from Brownsville,TX to No. TX around Dallas, or a county close to Anna,TX. He has been in a Type B assisted living for 5 yrs. 80% disable, on medicaid, 66 yrs old, a place where I at least can visit him once a week or more. When your in this condition your family forgets to visit you. It's hard for them to make time for you with their active lives and other family matters. Any help out there will be accepted. Thank You.

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Is your brother a veteran? If so, I'd contact the VA closest to you.

It's unfortunate that many assisted living facilities don't accept Medicaid, so this will be a challenge. Try looking for AL facilities near you and note their Zip codes. Then go to and type in the Zip codes of the homes you want to look at - one at a time. These long-term care ombudsmen are the people's representatives. When you find contact links, email (or call them if they give a phone number) and tell them what you need. This will take work, but you may find something.
Good luck,
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I'd recommend calling your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA)- in your case, the AAA that serves Collin County is in Arlington, called the North Central Texas AAA. They have an Aging & Disability Resource Center, which is an information & referral service. They may have information on nearby assisted living facilities which will accept Medicaid, or smaller care homes that accept Medicaid (in Washington, the state licenses "Adult Family Homes," which are privately owned homes which provide 24-hr care to a max. of 6 people- these usually accept Medicaid and are often easier to get placement than an AL).
The number for the AAA is: (800) 272-3921
Good luck!
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