We live in Tennessee and she has medicare. I am not sure if she has Medicaid. I need to look into that, but she receives assistance for her medicare premium and prescription drug assistance. She has not been able to work since 2011. She is epileptic and initially she was on Disability approved income until she was able to draw her social security when she turned 65. Her epilepsy has gotten worse as of late to the point of incontinence and inability to care for her personal hygiene, prepare meals, eat & drink, and take her medicine properly (due to epilepsy and irresponsible behavior). She has started falling as well and cannot get up without assistance. She is independent for the most part (has never driven a car), but her bad days are becoming more frequent. Her neurologist has tried different medications, but they have not helped. I personally believe this is due to her eating habits, and overall health. She is obese, has high blood pressure, 2 hernias, and leg ulcers (open wounds that do not heal). I cannot solely provide care for her and it is time for her to be monitored 24/7 because she can no longer make responsible decisions on her own. I cannot afford to pay for assisted living and I know Tennessee has the "CHOICES" program which grants something like $1000/month if approved, but when we were interviewed, my mom answered the questions untruthfully regarding her level of help needed and we were denied. I don't know what to do. I feel helpless and now it is getting worse and I cannot quit my job or afford to pay for the care she needs. My income is above poverty level, but nowhere near enough to cover her needs. I feel like I am falling in a crack in the system everywhere I turn. I should also say that she has absolutely no assets of any kind and her SS check is only about $340 a month. My income is under $30k annually. Advice?

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If she only gets $340/mo from SS, I don't see how she could be denied anything? Check into Medicaid. Your income does not affect any decisions being made about benefits for her. Contact for resources: Best of luck!
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Do you have medical POA or DPOA for your mom? I would re-apply for the CHOICES program (or maybe just try to call and explain what happened) and would just correct your mom to the social worker or interviewer if your mom tries to give them wrong info again. If you have POA or DPOA they might be inclined to take you more seriously, and should be able to discuss her case with you. Your mom is young so they might not realize she is fibbing. (Even when my grandparents were in their 80s a lot of professionals took them at their word, and we'd have to explain that they needed more help than they'd let on.)

It might also be worthwhile to call your local branch of the Epilepsy Foundation if you haven't yet. Sometimes they offer classes and support groups, and they might have advice on resources. My best friend has epilepsy that is hard to manage. It really has affected her whole life. I feel for your mom and you.

At your mom's income level, she should qualify for help.
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