I have a friend I have been taking care of a over a year now, with pretty bad dementia. It is progressively getting worse, and he realizes this and wants me to find a place for him to move.
The biggest problem at this point is finacial.
He is a Veteran and would possibly be eligible for assistance, but as of right now only recieved a bit of social security.
My questions would be;
where is the best, affordable homes in NV.
what is the process for starting the Vet. care program... do we need to find am place first, then apply? or can we start now and choose later.
He is very ready at this point to move where he feels he'll be helped, and although he is still quite functional in his daily routine, his memory is slipping quickly and he;s very scared about that.

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It is wonderful that he recognizes that he'll need more help and is willing to go to a long term care facility to get it. I think you might start by contacting the Aging Services department of your state's Social Services division. They can assign a social worker to help your friend explore his options and to start the application processes.
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