My father and I have a real problem with my mom refusing to see her regular doctor. Just a bit on the ages here. Dad is 70 and I am 46. Mom is 69. She has been showing extreme irrational behavior with memory loss for this past year and it is getting worse by the day. She has always had a chronic sinus issues and has never had a problem seeing the doctor up until recently. In fact I would say she was a hypochondriac for all my life until this past year. She wakes up every morning complaining she is cold and can't breath ( House temp is 74 to 76) with many humidifiers through out the house. She is very angry daily and has become more obstinate regarding going to the doctors. Her hearing has gotten so bad that she yells when she talks and listen to the TV a level 68 (blasting) and still complains see can't hear what is being said on the TV. TV is so loud it hurts my ears. She yells at my father in front of me for mumbling when I can hear him just fine. I just spent the past 30 days at my parents home recouping from surgery and had a full on experience of her daily behavior which is very irrational and bizarre. My father and I are very concerned but have no clue what to do. If we mention going to the doctors for her sinus issue she goes berserk and makes up excuses, from not liking her doctor to she hates the doctors nurse because she (the nurse) is playing games with her blood pressure numbers to the weight scale. She knows games are being played (my mom) says, because she knows as she obsessed with taking her blood pressure and temperature at home several times a day. She thinks her doctor and all doctors have an agenda to just prescribe pills she does not need or order test she does not need. The doctor that she use to love is also my doctor and my fathers doctor. We never had any issues with him or the nurse and love them both for their genital and understanding bedside manner.
Any advise please! We are getting desperate here and just can't seem to say anything right to her. We just quietly deal with her by keeping quite and doing what ever she says just to keep her clam down. She is a bully and bossy. I feel horrible for what my father dealing with this daily. I want to call men with white coats when she gets going on crazy rants about conspiracies that everyone has going on from any profession or subject she hears or reads about. Too many strange examples to list. What do we do? There is no way I can get her to even being open to seeing a specialist for her sinus and hearing. Let me add she has always had this odd behavior but it has become 10 times worse in this past year.

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Thank you Angel for the suggestion. I agree she needs a mental evaluation, but she is still too smart and argumentative to trick her into anything. I'll look into Medicare rules and see if I can find something I can use, because she will do the same thing If I try to make up some excuse that is not factual and validated.

Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate the idea and suggestion.
Have a wonderful day.
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Can you tell her that she must see a doctor or her insurance will be cancelled? That could spur her to take action if she values the insurance. She definitely needs to see a psychiatrist and be medicated for her irrational behavior.

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