my brother refuses to give me or let me see any of my others legal papers-
i was her poa for health-13 year-we lived close- in nyc- brother lives 4 hrs away,moved her into a nh near him- removed and closed her/ourapt-of 55 yrs and never includedme-c
my brother said she took my name off as poa- i dont think she did this knowing what it means-he closed her apt- never told me or includedme-until the apt was gone-
i have called her lawyer to ask for explation of the change of poa and to see the new poa- and to see her will, any legal papers-he refuses-
my brother took her to mass. i am nolonger includedin her med care-
i had the most knowledge of her health- and yet he locked me out- he has some issues-
this is makeing me so sick-and it has deprived mom of helpful info when she was moved- he doesnt act as her advocate-he is happy she is in the nh care-he doesnt spend the time with her he claied he would- and none of her many friends can see her beause it is 4 hours away- he isolated her-from me and i was her advocate-
i have many issues about the NHomes care-
i need some legal advise'
can anyone refer me to a lawyer or an agency that canhelp?
please , this is becoming a very damaging situation-
thank you

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Just found a site for a National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys:

There's a directory on the homepage to find an attorney where you live.
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I know how you feel because I am in a similar situation. I went on the internet to find elderly lawyers. There is also a free legal resource for every state and county. Get a list of referrals and begin to call and ask for a free phone consultation b/c you are not in the same area. It is my understanding that you can petition the court for an emergency injunction for guardianship due to neglect which is costly but most of the burden will be on your sibling. You can call the Abundsman through the state where she is to go and visit her, they will make a decision concerning her. You can file a report of grievance on the nursing home. I am not a lawyer and can't give legal advise but I have spent the last several weeks doing alot alot of research as what my options are.
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