We are applying for medical because I don't have enough money for his care. I've had to move in with my daughter to survive. My husband needs supervision 24/7. He has sundowners syndrome, too. The owner of the board and care facility where he is living has asked us to move him out by the end of the month.
How can I move him, when I can't find a nursing home that accepts medi-medi?

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Call Riverside County Social Services for help
3178 Hamner Ave, Norco, CA 92860
(951) 272-5400
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Ask his doctor to recommend a suitable care center.

Ask a social worker for a list of possibilities. (If you doctor's clinic doesn't have a social worker, try the hospital your husband has been in.)

Call the Area Agency on Aging for your district -- you can easily find this with a Google search.

Call your husband's Medical case worker (if you have one already) and ask for a list of suitable places.

I don't know how it is in California, but in my state most nursing homes accept Medicaid patients. (Only some ALFs do.)

You may not be able to arrange something by the end of the month, but you will surely be able to find a care center that accepts the coverage you are getting.

Good luck! My heart goes out to you. This is soooo hard!
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